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Will the Tax problems in Uttar Pradesh spread to other states???

The new tax policies on the products bought online which cost above Rs.5000 in Uttar Pradesh is pushing E-market places like Snapdeal, Flipkart etc. to losses. Uttar Pradesh is a densely populated state with many cities. All this began when the Uttar Pradesh government wanted online buyers buying articles to fill the VAT form and declare the registration number of the delivery vehicle. The orders above Rs.5,000 are not being delivered by the E-marketplaces in this state and it is loss to both buyers and the E-market places. This scenario has a direct impact on the E-market places. The current solution to this problem is the establishment of warehouses in the state by the E-market places.  The E-market places say that the similar problem exists in Uttarakhand and was earlier faced in Bihar.  Amazon may have lesser trouble due to this, as they have fulfilment centres all over the country. The E-market places have to plan on the finance side as how the extra taxes laid down by t

Will 'Start Up India' give wings to Online Business???

'Start Up India' is an initiative taken by the government of India to increase the number of  entrepreneurs  and to give support to the the budding entrepreneurs, provide financial, mentor and technical support for start up companies. The best part is that 'start up India' provides a free website, legal support, marketing and accounting support, co-workers, co-founders etc. when needed. 'Will Start up India help in increasing online business?' is the question. The answer is yes. The 'start Up India' program has already supported 26 start up companies in the Internet and Mobile domain out of which 24 are active, 8 are generating revenue. This itself speaks about the kind of support provided by 'Start up India' to the online business. As far as E-commerce goes, the 'Start Up India' is like a boon to an aspiring entrepreneur, a budding entrepreneur or an entrepreneur struck with some kind of trouble. The Indian Start up program can

Will FaceBook Free Basics help in increase of online Business???

The free basics by Facebook is a very good initiative which can be used by people in rural areas who are under coverage of certain mobile networks. This feature can really be very useful to connect people, do some online business, learn new things etc. The FaceBook free basics app. can be useful for  people to reach the world.  Many hidden talents of rural people can reach the world. Empowerment of women and financial independence of women are other important things which can happen because of Free basics. Websites can be created by people using free basics which come under the regulations, can do online business, sell things what they are selling locally and expand their horizons. FaceBook is a very influential media where people can talk, share their thoughts, do free online business, advertise their business etc. FaceBook being one among the free basics can be helpful for people to interact with the rest of the world. Using free basics the people in many places where i