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SELLinALL had its high voltage pitch at the BRIDGE FEST 2016, Tokyo Japan.

There is a saying - technology and services has to enrich the future of  our life. That is what has happened when SELLinALL   had its high voltage pitch at the BRIDGE FEST 2016 Tokyo, Japan. Asia's largest festival with the startups provided a meeting with Asia startups in cooperation with overseas partners Media. Started in 2011, STARTUP DATING has rebranded itself as THE BRIDGE in 2013.  Since then THE BRIDGE has its own way of presenting the startup companies to the world.   The Bridge website sees nearly 520,000 monthly unique users - quotes Masaru Ikeda, Co-founder.  Since the prestigious Echelon Asia Summit 2015   placed SELLinALL as one of the top ten start ups out of the 100 start up company contestants from 14 countries, SellinAll improved its software and now had its presentation along with 300 startups of the Asian countries and it still maintained its lead as one of the top five.  As one of the startup companies  specially  invited for this occasion SELLinA

A conflict between Online ads and AdBlocker!!!

Many online publishers and website owners dream of earning some revenue by placing advertisements in their websites or their online blogs. It used be a good source of earning for many people. With the new advent of Adblock software, the users can download the software for free with in seconds and all the ads can be blocked. This Adblock software can also be used to block advertisments in mobiles. This new trend of ad-blocking is on rise and almost 80% of online users and 50% of mobile users are using this software to block the ads. With the rise in online users, there is huge demand for internet marketing. Publishing ads in websites, blogs etc.,  is a very good way to reach the online users. The online users choose adblock software to improve the speed and to reduce the distractions. The question is whether the adblock software should be altered or is it necessary to stop displaying all the ads online?  Online advertising is a good way of earning income for online publisher

The online Real Estate Boom!!!

Housing sector is one of the key sectors as it comes under 'necessities'. Whether it is renting a house, Buying a house, Buying a plot, Selling a plot or a house requires a lot of  help and advice from others. So this housing sector has gained a real boom when it got online. There are a number of online websites like,,,, which are very popular among people and millions of people have benefited from these online real estate portals. For people who cannot do the buying/selling by themselves, these online portals have helped in a great way. While a few years back, people would prefer to buy a property in the place they have been living for many years and there would be apprehensions to buy the property some where else in the country even though they know that there will be benefits by buying the property. The Real Estate classifieds section in the newspaper has now transformed into a much more open pla

Wonder-Working SELLinALL for Online Sellers!!!

It has taken three years of dedicated work for a batch of techies with a decade of E-commerce  experience behind to bring out the wonder working SELLinALL.  When prestigious  Echelon Asia Summit 2015 placed SELLinALL as one of the top ten start up out of the  100 start up company contestants from 14 countries, really SELLinALL has played its wonders. This has aroused the interest of the online sellers all over the world to look into SELLinALL  and made them wanting to know - what is SELLinALL? SELLinALL is a multi-channel posting E-commerce software/website which is made much more interesting, convenient to use and more user friendly to the online sellers with its added exiting new features. The major feature of SELLinALL to list products in the E-market places started with two E-market places has now included more E-market places like Flipkart,  Ebay and Lazada. But this is not the end to this feature. More popular E-market places like Etsy, Snapdeal etc. will

The New methods adopted by E-tailers to increase the Customer reach!!!

Online Selling has taken the shopping in the entire country to a different dimension. But still there are some areas where the buyers would like to have a touch and feel sensation before buying certain products. For instance the parents would like to check out if everything is perfect when it comes to the products related to their kids. If the new parents are planning to buy a stroller for their baby, they would like to check out the product, touch it, check out and make sure if everything is perfectly set so that their loved ones are not hurt. This touch and feel thing made E-taliers like First Cry open offline stores in major cities so that the parents can feel the products and can order online. In most cities coming under 2 tier and 3 tier, there is still no steady internet access available and the delivery to some places is not done by many market places. Building offline stores in such places can make the exclusive products available online in these places and these offline