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India Post gains from E-commerce in India!!!

India post is gaining from E-commerce in India. True, the drowning India Post is gaining its strength and becoming a major player in E-commerce. Due to the advent of E-mails and courier services, postal services were merely surviving and the Postal sector was in loss. E-commerce is gaining these days and people are showing interest to buy products online. Earlier people in major cities used to buy products online. The major courier services and  the delivery network related to the E-market places used to deliver the products. But now the E-commerce has spread to rural places in India. Delivering the products is a major  part in online selling. As the rural areas cannot be reached by private delivery services and as post offices are present in each and every village, the delivery of the products bought online is done by the postal services. The people in rural areas are coming to know about the E-market places and the advantages of buying online like the cheaper prices and the v

Improve online sales by having Customer interaction!!!

Customer interaction plays a very important role in the online business. The E-market places like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Ebay etc.  which are popular among customers and who are major players in online business are very good in interacting with customers. Even though there are various ways to interact with customers, interacting with them in social media or through the E-market places is the one that reaches all the potential customers. It is a good practice for the E-market places to encourage customers to give their opinion about the service provided by the E-market place or the product bought in the E-market place. This allows potential buyers to check the credibility of the product or the E-market place. Allowing the customers to give their opinion whether it is positive or negative plays an important role in online sales. Reviews are important as the customers wont be able to see and check the products directly. They would like to read the reviews given by other custome

Selling Miniature Gardens and Vertical Gardens online is a Good business opportunity!!!

The houses in Indian cities have become compact and the available free space is very limited. But people try to make their homes look greener with indoor plants. Having some indoor plants or some plants in the free space and making it a relaxation space is the need for every one living in cities. Indoor vertical garden plants and miniature gardens are very much useful to decorate the houses and to create the much needed peaceful space. But these are not available online in India and are available in a limited varieties in some countries. Though these varieties are interesting and very much in demand ,  these vertical garden plants and miniature gardens are not available online in India. People who are interested to create some thing can use this opportunity to create miniature gardens, vertical indoor gardens and can sell online. This is a very good online business opportunity. Along with selling these, they can have section dedicated to garden miniatures for miniature garden

Consider international holidays and festivals for improved online selling!!!

Online selling is advantageous if taken seriously and when taken cross border rather than restricting to a particular place or particular area in a country. There are many websites/E-commerce market places like, and Facebook which can be used to expand the business in an international level. As these E-market places are accessed over many countries and allow customers to use many international currencies,  these websites can help online sellers to expand their business internationally. Online sellers when considering to expand internationally, should also consider the international holidays, festivals in many countries, major festivals in most of the countries, and try to provide deals during these events and try to sell the products which are most used in those countries. Some of the international festivals which are well celebrated in their countries are Chinese New year which is celebrated in a grand way in China, Lantern festival in China, Valentine'

SELLinALL is with the best of the bests. Sellers Choice Awards for ebay, Etsy and Amazon.

    There is an old saying -   ALL GOOD THINGS  WILL HAPPEN AT THE SAME TIME . It is what has happened with SELLinALL . It is with the top three awardees - ebay, Etsy, and Amazon - e-commerce sites chosen by  the world online merchants. This is the result of the poll conducted by "Over 12,000 sellers took part in this year's voting, rating the online  market places on which they sell. This is the seventh year of the  Sellers Choice Awards , published by .  During the nomination process, sellers had narrowed the field to 10 venues. Ebay, the Californian company which has started in the year 1995 has taken seven years to reach the top position in the history of the sellers choice awards. It has won the first place with a scanty margin of 0.02 because of the profitability for the past three years.  courtesy 1998 year started Etsy has won the second place  with  an edge over the other players because

Online health care in India on the Rise!!!

The online health care in India is on the rise for past 5 years. Its a 100 Billion Rupees industry in India Now!!! There are various sectors in the health care  like online pharmacy, online appointment and consultation with doctors, online medical insurance etc. People are moving towards the online health care system as there are more advantages in this system. Online pharmacy is a sector which is rising now a days. There are many online pharmacy websites like,, Appolopharmacy. in etc. which cater to the needs of the customers like over the counter drugs,  health supplements, health care devices, personal care and wellness products, Ayurvedic and herbal products etc. The major websites like, , also have a health care section which caters to the needs of online customers. The cheaper rates, home delivery and the availability of rare medicines are some of the reasons for people tending towards online pharmacy. Comi