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Quick Guide for the Online Sellers and Glossary of Online Selling Words - Part 1

21st century's bonhomie with e-commerce  is a welcoming sign for online sellers. Day in and Day out, more and more e-commerce sites step into the online market.  Tremendous leap from the Barter System of selling to the present day e-commerce has added more new words to the English Dictionary. This has lead to the difficulty of coping up with the growing number of e-commerce jargon  for the online sellers  .  SELLinALL  Blog as a goodwill gesture to the online sellers compiled this quick guide about the facilities and registration requirements of the top online e-commerce sites (in this blog -Part 1- five market places referred) to refer at a glance. As an additional feature this blog compiled the glossary of e-commerce words often used in the e-commerce platforms, to ease the difficulties  the online sellers come across every day due to lack of understanding of the e-commerce terminology.  This blog may be construed as the beginning of the Quick Guide and in future