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Artificial but strive to be Natural;  Intelligent but not an Intelligentsia ; Analytical but not an Analyst;   Futuristic but not a Futurist; Set in the forefront - I am in the back and in the  dark; I am the  A but in multitude;  I am the I but no Egotist: I am the Omnipotent AI. ( A rtificial I ntelligence)                                                       -  Poem by Magic Inian In the year 1968 when the film 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY , released on the screens, a wave of excitement ran across the world. I was at my college days and lots of student discussion on this film in the college cafeterias, discussions in the public places at the coffee tables and by the families, at their dinner tables. The reality of the Artifical Intelligence (AI) started trickling in the 21st Century, because of the transformation of bytes to mega, from mega to Giga and now to Terra Bytes.  But in the year 2020, it is forecasted 507.5 Zetta Bytes of data will be available for