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How to make attractive banners for the online shops; DIY elegant banners.

We attract, We satisfy, We decorate and make a sale; We touch the sentiment and we bring the smile; We are the be all and end all , We the BANNERS of the World as a Mall.                                          - Poem by Magic Inian It is US$.10000/-!! This is the amount AT&T paid to web magazine to bring out the world's first web banner advertisement and history has been created on 27th October 1994. That curiosity - YOU WILL, has brought out of the readers, has resulted in 1,560,000 clicks (78%) out of the 2 million US online population to click on the banner. It took a while to load the landing page since those were the days where the internet browsing speed was 24.4 kps, pushing out the data on a thin wired dial-up connection.  From this simple psychedelic coloured banner, the banner industry has grown by leaps and bounds.    In the United States of America alone it is projected that the spending on the online b