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Emotions emulating e-commerce. A overview of the e-commerce future.

Going shopping;  Get the e-commerce popping; Whether you be on the air or in the sea or on the road, shopping is - a la mode; Get your products by drone dropping, When VR and AR*  rules  the future e-commerce shopping.                                        (*VR - Virtual Reality, AR - Augmented Reality) Date: 12th August 2030  (Monday) International Youth Day (by UNO) Mr Future started his day by hearing the wakeup call from the Chatbot Alexa.  He had his bath and started to prepare the morning coffee with milk. He remembered that the coffee granules and milk have exhausted.   He walked to the front door of the house and opened,  to find the Milk bottle and a carton of coffee granules waiting to be picked up. (ordered by his fridge through the Internet of Things (IoT) and dropped at his doorstep by the online market, delivery DRONE). This day is special to Mr Future since it is his fiance Miss Reality's birthday.  He has to present her some