Wednesday, 23 September 2015

6 easy ways to improve your online sales

You have just started your own online business like selling designer clothes online. You have started your own website with great design and beautiful pictures and you are waiting for orders to pour in. But you do not get orders pouring in as you have expected and you have started worrying about the reasons behind this. We will go through the steps to be followed to get more and more orders and to improve the online sales.
1. Pricing: Pricing is an important factor in online business. There are many websites available for everything and so doing a little research on how other websites have given a pricing to the similar products you are selling online and pricing the products in a competitive way does improve sales.
2. Tags or Keywords: Include more tags or key words in your website to improve the search engine optimisation.
3. Visibility: Your products or website may not be visible online and for that take some measures like writing a blog about the products frequently and advertising about the products and website in major websites or google pages. These measures will improve the visibility of the products and the website online.
4. Sharing: Sharing your website through Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. makes your website a popular one.
5. Selling in Major E-Markets: The other way to improve sales would be to sell in well known E-market places like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify and Facebook Etc. Selling in these websites with your website name can make your website popular gradually.
6. SellInAll:
 For selling products or to list your products in major E-market  places like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Facebook etc,. you can do it through Sellinall. Sellinall is a software which  even provides you a free online shop with your desired name along with listing in major E-market places which saves your time along with managing your inventory. So start using the LITE version of sellinall at for free and popularise your website and products.


                                                         - Anupama Gundu-