Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A new trend in online sales

There is a new trend in online sales now a days. Some of the websites like Urban ladder, Lenskart, Caratlane  etc. started a new trend in online sales. The trend is to allow the customers try the products before actually buying them. This new trend has definitely increased the sales for these websites, reports say.
This new trend works like this. The customer planning to buy a product in one of these above mentioned websites can choose 5 products of their choice for trial and choose a convenient day and time and book a schedule. A representative from these websites will bring the products to the potential customer's home and allow them to try the products before buying.
This new trend of trying before buying and saying no if they don't like the products in a one way is good to both the customer and the seller. A seller can know the reasons why some of the products are sold in a huge quantity and why some of their products are less in sale based on the direct interaction with the customer and this helps in either improving their product design or to rethink about the reason behind this.
But for websites having millions of customers and buyers like Ebay, Amazon etc.  which act as platform between a customer and a seller, following this new trend would be difficult. But they have millions of sellers and buyers with the  way they interact  and the facilties they provide both to buyer and seller. So sales will never be a problem for them. Along with choosing new trends to improve the sales, sellers can sell their products in major E-market places like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify etc. where the sellers get so many advantages along with a wide reach to the buyers. So online sellers looking to improve sales and doing it in a easy way...choose SELLinALL software to post/list items in E-market places Amazon, Shopify, Flipkart, Facebook, Ebay etc. simultaneously and easily.


                                                           - Anupama Gundu-