Wednesday, 16 September 2015

How can I start an Online Business?

Whether you are a seller already selling in a retail market and want to expand or want to become an online seller, there are now a days many websites available where you can list the products and start an online business. But it is really important to choose in which websites to list the products or which websites really help you grow or expand your business. Like if you have to choose websites where you can sell your products, let us start with these three websites.

The first Website would be Amazon. Amazon is one of the top most E-marketing places with millions of customers and the reach out is huge. Amazon always puts sellers at ease. The new feature called Fulfillment By Amazon(FBA) where the seller can store his/her products in Amazon fulfillment centers where Amazon picks, packs and ships the products to customers puts sellers at ease.

The second wise choice would be Ebay. Added to the advantage of easy selling on Ebay...there is another interesting feature for a seller. If you are new seller and you are looking to expand your business,  Ebay provides loans in a non fussy and an easy way.

When it comes to choosing websites to sell your products, like say  you have some digital files to sell like e-books, songs etc., which website would you choose to sell these products? One answer...choose shopify. The other products can be also be sold with your own branded shop name.

The easiest way to list the products in these three market places along with listing on Facebook and with a free customised shop page would be to join is a software with its integrated environments with Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Flipkart etc. which will list the products for you on all these websites. So if you are a budding online seller or an experienced seller looking to become an online seller just try the LITE version($0) of at and be a happy seller.

                                                            - Anupama Gundu-