Friday, 4 September 2015

Oh!!! It all started with the Barter System of Selling .....


How to sell my goods on line? While I was brooding over this topic my thinking raced back to my early days of my life.

On those days, shopping means going to a shop asking the sales person to show  a particular good and you pay the price by cash and take the good. That was a simple transaction done.

There is another form of selling which 
has been happening on those times. The saree selling merchant will come to my house in a hand pulled rickshaw. He will spread the sareees in a nice manner on the mat of our living room.  All women folk will assemble and have a look at the sarees. They will select and the amount will be paid by cash and sarees handed over.

The concept of departmental stores had not crept in our life. For the European and upper strata of the society there was only one store with a massive building i.e. Spencers.  There, goods categorically displayed and you can see them and select. You pay by cash and the goods will be delivered at your house.

But those days have gone by and the era of on line shopping has become the modern concept.  These stores provide you the leisurely

selection of the  goods sitting at home.  The payment mode is credit or debit cards or net banking. If the need arises the amount can be paid in installments which will be taken care off, by the card people.

As a seller I started selling my goods through the e-commerce selling stores. But I am little flabbergasted by the cumbersome procedures and data input which had taken my valuable time.  I have to spend the same hours for each site for listing out my Data. At the same time I have to maintain an inventory list seperately for each e-commerce site.  While going over these cumbersome and time consuming procedures I came across the 

This reliable sofware by www.sellinall,com has relived me of all the cumbersome procedures of listing out and maintaining the inventory.

Now, what a way to go and do all the selling!!!

Of course, it all started with the Barter System of Selling.

- Magic Inian -

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