Wednesday, 9 September 2015

wondering How Amazon is among the top E-market selling places?

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Amazon, everyone is familiar with this name.Everyone knows ... even a kid knows that he/she can go and buy anything on amazon .I think that is one of the reasons why Amazon is so successful. Amazon has started its journey in USA and spread its wings all over the world with in a short period of 18 years.
For a seller the customer is the king. But for an E-market place the buyer and the seller both are important. Amazon has recognised this fact where the seller or buyer is made special with their quick response in every way,and by doing that to millions of sellers and buyers and making everyone feel special is one of the the success secrets of Amazon.
Now for the buyers: The buyers always enjoy deals...and when I was going through one of the forums, ".one of the amazon buyer was shocked to find out how much money he has to spend to return a particular product whereas amazon does the free shipping or at minimum cost.Shipping plays a very important role in online selling and Amazon deals this in a superb way making it an advantage to both a seller and buyer." 
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So selling is made easy with Amazon.But selling can be more easy and breezy on amazon by using Sellinall software..Sellinall is a platform to sell products online and amazingly it has an integrated environment like amazon. A seller wishing to sell on amazon and various other major E-market places like Ebay,Facebook,Shopify can do that simultaneously through sellinall.
So what are you waiting for online sellers!!! Try the Beta version of sellinall at and get more worthy time to concentrate on your business.

                                                             - Anupama Gundu-