Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Can I make money by reselling products online???

Any one can earn by reselling products online. The original price of a product or manufacturing price of a product will be normally lesser than the retail price of the product. A product can be bought at a lesser cost when they are bought in a bulk quantity. Some products come in a lesser price than the normal price given on the product through some special deals or when bought in special whole sale shops.
But for some one to earn money through reselling products one needs to have an idea about the price of the product and the approximate manufacturing price of the product or the whole sale price of the product. When someone plans to make money by reselling products, these points have to be considered:
  • First any one planning to resell products should decide whether to choose a single product and resell it for a higher price or to resell the products randomly which are available for a cheaper price.
  • If someone decides to resell a single product online, then a deal can be done with a wholesale dealer for buying a particular product for certain amount for a particular number of products.For example, if the retail price of a product is Rs.200, the wholesale price of the same product could be Rs.120 if 20 products are bought at once. There are  many websites/E-market places like craftsvilla, Ebay, Amazon etc. where the selling of products by an individual seller is encouraged. These websites can be chosen for reselling the products.
  • If someone decides to resell products randomly, then the products can be bought in deals whenever they are available or can be bought while travelling where certain products are available for much lesser price than in rest of the places and these products can be resold in chosen websites.
  • If someone chooses to sell used items or products, then these products can be bought randomly, then some needed repair work or cosmetic changes can be done to the product and can be resold for a profit or can resold as it is.The best E-market place for reselling used products is Ebay.The products can be auctioned or resold  for profit.
Reselling is a best option for anyone who has knowledge about a product, like the manufacturing price of the product, the wholesale price of the product, the domestic and international shipping charges based on the weight of the product etc. For reselling used/new products E-market places like Ebay, Olx, QuickR etc. can be chosen. SELLinALL is software/website for listing/posting products in major E-market places like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Flipkart, Facebook etc. , simulataneously  and can be done in a single click. So anyone choosing to resell used/new products, choose SELLinALL to list/post products in major E-market places with a single click along with an advantage of integrated environment like Ebay and many other advantages.
Happy Selling Everyone!!!!!!!!

                                                         - Anupama Gundu-