Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Role of Mobile apps in online selling

The introduction of online business or selling products online is a mile stone in sales and marketing sector earlier. Now the introduction of mobile apps(mobile applications) has revolutionized the online sales and marketing sector. The mobile apps related to shopping and online E-market places like Amazon, shopify, Ebay and social networking apps like facebook, twitter, pinterest have set a new trend in online sales.
The mobile apps for major E-marketing places like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Flipkart etc. can be downloaded for free and are very much popular. Most of the people prefer shopping online from these shopping apps rather than from websites because of the ease of use of the mobile apps. Some of the E-marketing places like understanding this trend are maintaining mobile apps alone instead of websites.
The social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, pinterest etc. are also used to promote the business or to advertise about the business. The Facebook has also added new features like 'create a business page' or to 'create an advertisement' to support the sellers .These features are so popular that facebook has become an easy source of online sales for many people. The boundaries of online E-marketing places and social networking sites are gradually expanding making online sales through mobile apps a very viable option for everyone.
To post/list products in major E-market places like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, shopify and Facebook using the mobile friendly website/software SELLinALL is a very good and easy option. Use SELLinALL mobile friendly software/website to list products in major E-maket places and be a happy seller.

                                                          - Anupama Gundu-