Monday, 26 October 2015

Young Entrepreneurs on rise because of E-tailing/online selling

With the advent of  
online selling, young entrepreneurs are on the rise in India. The flexibility in timings, easy financial affordability  and the freedom from a daily routine is making young people turn towards starting their own online business. Women who want to work from home and students who want to earn some income for their studies are choosing online selling.
Online selling has given a new opportunity for people to sell their products who are good in making unique and handmade products. This will also bring their skills out to the world. Especially the interest and demand for items has made online selling a very good earning option for people who are good in making hand made products. Along with this, so many E-market places like Snapdeal, Amazon, Craftsvilla allow sellers to sell hand made products without VAT/CST which is an added advantage for online sellers selling hand made products.
With the increasing demand for designer jewelry or designer clothes or designer pottery,  online selling for designer products are increasing. Young people who are skilled at designing clothes, jewellery, pottery are able to sell their products for a good price with out much difficulty. Young people who use internet are able to know the demand for particular products and are selling them online for a profit. The major E-market places like Amazon supporting the designer products adds up to the rise of young entrepreneurs.
Young online sellers who want to save their time, choose SELLinALL to list/post products easily in major E-market places like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Facebook,  Flipkart etc. 

                                                           - Anupama Gundu-