Monday, 23 November 2015

How to do secure online shopping?

E-tailing/Online selling is increasing exponentially over years. People are much interested in buying online.  With increase in online buying there are some adverse factors which makes online buying a bitter experience or which reduces the interest in online buying for some people.
Online Robbery or online theft is one among the reasons for some of the people loosing interest in online buying. Almost 25-30% of online buyers are suffering from online theft. There are many ways in which online theft can be avoided or reduced.
  • Most of the people use credit cards to buy online. Securing or not sharing the pin number with others is an important thing to do.
  • While using online transfers for buying online,  the password and other banking details which need not be revealed should never be revealed and if any doubt arises about the details being asked, then it is better not to shop in that E-market place.
  • Being careful about the phishing mails,phishing websites and download links which can get information like bank details is an important thing to be done to avoid online theft.
  • After an online transaction or online purchase, proper logout from the website and the banking sites is a very important thing to be taken care of.
  • Changing passwords frequently and selecting a strong password which cannot be easily guessed is another important thing to avoid online theft.
  • Careful monitoring of one's credit card bills and online bank transfers can make an online theft not to be repeated even if it happens once.
  • Using E-cards supplied by some major banks like State Bank of India for online shopping can also reduce online robbery.
  • Buying from reliable and secured websites like Amazon, EBay, Flipkart etc. is a very good way to avoid online theft. 

Online Buying is an easy and comfortable one and making it more secure makes online buying a fun filled experience. If new E-market places choose a secure HTTPS website, this can reduce online theft in a considerable manner.
Buying/Selling in major E-market places like Amazon, EBay, Flipkart, Facebook etc. is safe and secure. To list/post products online in major E-market places like Amazon, EBay, Flipkart, Facebook etc., using SELLinALL is a very good option.                
                                                                                                 -Anupama Gundu-