Monday, 30 November 2015

Increasing interest towards online home made food!!!

As more and more people are becoming health conscious, the home made food is becoming more and more popular. People who are health conscious and have no time to spend on cooking prefer to order home made food online and it is easy to order through various websites and apps. 
The increasing interest in home made food has made many people leave their jobs and start an online home made food catering business. People who are passionate in cooking have got a chance to expose their skills outside by starting their own online home made food catering service. Especially homemakers who are good in cooking are getting a chance to showcase their skill to the outside world by catering online home made food ordering services.
Seeing the interest for home made food even many tech companies and many other major companies are having tie ups with online home made catering services. This has given a a new dimension to the home made food catering service. This a good trend that is beneficial to the society especially youth.
This trend has made even five star hotels to search and hire home makers to cater the needs of customers in their restaurants.This importance being given to the hygienic and healthy food along with taste is a very good beginning.There are many websites where home made food can be ordered according to the regional tastes, based on calorie calculation, and which are based on diet suitable for certain illnesses related to heart, liver etc.
The various apps like Tiny owl Homemade, million kitchen, watscooking make ordering of home made food easy and can be done in a single click. Hope this home made food catering grows at a large scale which is beneficial to the society.
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                                                     -Anupama Gundu-