Tuesday, 29 December 2015

New year resolutions for online sellers!!!

The online sellers will have many dreams about earning a steady income through online selling. The online selling is a good way to earn a steady income or as a source of secondary income.
These are some of the resolutions which can make online selling a good source of income.
  • The online sellers should never get disappointed in the early stages of starting the business as it takes time to get orders or to get settled in the business.
  • One way to  improve online selling is to be  constantly visible online. As there would be millions of online sellers, choosing ways like writing a blog about the products or the website would make the products and the website visible online. 
  • The other way to improve online sales is to choose  a simple design while designing the website. Importance should be given to the quality of the pictures. Care should be taken that the website opens up fast and there are no delays in opening the pictures and other information.
  • Maintaining good relation with customers will help in improving the online sales as the goodwill helps in increasing the number of customers and the overall sales.
  • Constant updation of products online also helps in increasing the online business.
  • Online sellers should never give up when  the online sales is low some times, as there will be always ups and downs in any business.

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                                                        -Anupama Gundu-