Monday, 18 January 2016

Will 'Start Up India' give wings to Online Business???

'Start Up India' is an initiative taken by the government of India to increase the number of entrepreneurs and to give support to the the budding entrepreneurs, provide financial, mentor and technical support for start up companies. The best part is that 'start up India' provides a free website, legal support, marketing and accounting support, co-workers, co-founders etc. when needed.
'Will Start up India help in increasing online business?' is the question. The answer is yes. The 'start Up India' program has already supported 26 start up companies in the Internet and Mobile domain out of which 24 are active, 8 are generating revenue. This itself speaks about the kind of support provided by 'Start up India' to the online business.
As far as E-commerce goes, the 'Start Up India' is like a boon to an aspiring entrepreneur, a budding entrepreneur or an entrepreneur struck with some kind of trouble. The Indian Start up program can be helpful to anyone who really has talent, a passion to achieve something, a zeal to succeed and with this kind of support, sky is the limit.
As online selling can be done from home, at flexible timings, with minimum financial support, this is a very good option to choose. If the plan is approved by 'Start Up India' then there won't be any boundaries where the online business can be expanded. 
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