Thursday, 4 February 2016

The New methods adopted by E-tailers to increase the Customer reach!!!

Online Selling has taken the shopping in the entire country to a different dimension. But still there are some areas where the buyers would like to have a touch and feel sensation before buying certain products. For instance the parents would like to check out if everything is perfect when it comes to the products related to their kids. If the new parents are planning to buy a stroller for their baby, they would like to check out the product, touch it, check out and make sure if everything is perfectly set so that their loved ones are not hurt. This touch and feel thing made E-taliers like First Cry open offline stores in major cities so that the parents can feel the products and can order online.
In most cities coming under 2 tier and 3 tier, there is still no steady internet access available and the delivery to some places is not done by many market places. Building offline stores in such places can make the exclusive products available online in these places and these offline store increases the customer reach.
Flipkart has gone one step further and started experience zones in some major locations across the country. Online buyers can pick up, return the products, exchange the products. This new system started by Flipkart puts the customers at ease and reduces the waiting time. This feature adds the advantages of offline stores to the online shopping. Flipkart also started some offline stores in some select cities to make the customers understand the ease of online shopping. Once the customers get used in buying in these offline stores, then they can easily move on to the online shopping.
Lenskart is one of the top most Eyewear E-tailer. In order to increase their customer reach, Lenskart has started a large number of offline stores in many places across the country. Eyewear is a product where the customers would like to try and then buy them. In order to remove the hesitation of online purchase, Lenskart has also started 'Try and Buy' where the buyers can buy after trying at home.
The transition from offline buying to online buying is taking place at a rapid pace. The methods adopted by many E-market places to remove the hesitation of online buying, making the buyers comfortable and putting them at ease is definitely increasing the number of online buyers. 
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