Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The online Real Estate Boom!!!

Housing sector is one of the key sectors as it comes under 'necessities'. Whether it is renting a house, Buying a house, Buying a plot, Selling a plot or a house requires a lot of  help and advice from others. So this housing sector has gained a real boom when it got online.
There are a number of online websites like magicbricks.com, housing.com, primelocation.com, makaan.com, 99acres.com which are very popular among people and millions of people have benefited from these online real estate portals. For people who cannot do the buying/selling by themselves, these online portals have helped in a great way.
While a few years back, people would prefer to buy a property in the place they have been living for many years and there would be apprehensions to buy the property some where else in the country even though they know that there will be benefits by buying the property. The Real Estate classifieds section in the newspaper has now transformed into a much more open platform where buyers can interact, get to know about the advantages and disadvantages, get to know about the booming places and cheaper options. These online Real Estate portals have opened up the entire country and made the buying/selling a comfortable and easier one.
This opening up of Real Estate sector brought a huge change in e-commerce as it helps in  monetary flow and monetary flow from other countries too. So in one way these online Real Estate portals have added up to the E-commerce.
There are many websites which are helpful to buyers/sellers. One among them being SELLinALL. SELLinALL helps online sellers to list their products easily in major E-market places like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Etsy, Shopify,Lazada, Facebook etc. SELLinALL with its dedicated team of developers and researchers always try to bring the best to the online sellers and make their job easy.