Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Wonder-Working SELLinALL for Online Sellers!!!

It has taken three years of dedicated work for a batch of techies with a decade of E-commerce experience behind to bring out the wonder working SELLinALL. 

When prestigious Echelon Asia Summit 2015 placed SELLinALL as one of the top ten start up out of the 100 start up company contestants from 14 countries, really SELLinALL has played its wonders.

This has aroused the interest of the online sellers all over the world to look into SELLinALL and made them wanting to know - what is SELLinALL?
SELLinALL is a multi-channel posting E-commerce software/website which is made much more interesting, convenient to use and more user friendly to the online sellers with its added exiting new features.
  • The major feature of SELLinALL to list products in the E-market places started with two E-market places has now included more E-market places like Flipkart, Ebay and Lazada. But this is not the end to this feature. More popular E-market places like Etsy, Snapdeal etc. will be added and brought to its fold shortly.
  • Another important feature of SELLinALL is, it imports and synchronises the data of the customer with all the market places connected with this customer and prepares and helps in managing the stock. The cumbersome procedure of listing and  managing the stocks has been taken away by SELLINALL
  • SELLinALL can be used to synchronise data in major E-market place like EBay across countries. For example if a customer has EBay accounts in USA, Australia, India etc., all this data can be synced up with SELLinALL.
  • SELLinALL is very helpful in tracking the order reports of the customer. The graphical representation of the orders related to a customer for various E-market places like Amazon, EBay etc. and the hosted carts like Shopify,Lazada, SELLinALL are very helpful for the customer to track the orders.
  • Another important feature of SELLinALL is its very easy to manage the online business in international E-market places. The customer can use Paypal feature to manage the international E-market places like EBay-US, EBay-Australia.
  •  SELLinALL has got the easy log in facility through Face Book.
All these new features make the job of an online seller a one-click manageable job with SELLinALL. Along with these new features there are many upcoming features which will soon be available to the customers.

Online sellers, once you become the customer to SELLinALL, your online selling will go leaps and bounds. Definitely with SELLinALL you create a healthy relationship with the major E-market places like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart,Lazada etc., and with the hosted carts like Shopify, SELLinALL along with social networking sites like FaceBook. Sellinall dedicated team always keeps it alive with more features added to it.