Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Consider international holidays and festivals for improved online selling!!!

Online selling is advantageous if taken seriously and when taken cross border rather than restricting to a particular place or particular area in a country. There are many websites/E-commerce market places like, and Facebook which can be used to expand the business in an international level. As these E-market places are accessed over many countries and allow customers to use many international currencies,  these websites can help online sellers to expand their business internationally.
Online sellers when considering to expand internationally, should also consider the international holidays, festivals in many countries, major festivals in most of the countries, and try to provide deals during these events and try to sell the products which are most used in those countries.
Some of the international festivals which are well celebrated in their countries are Chinese New year which is celebrated in a grand way in China, Lantern festival in China, Valentine's Day in Brazil, Women's Day which was started in Russia. Some festivals and events are well celebrated in some countries and gifts are exchanged. If these festivals and events are targeted, there will be a hike in online selling graph. This needs a lot of research and time should be spent to find out the special events and festivals in many countries, the type of gifts they like to exchange and preparations should be started well before like announcing deals atleast a month before, altering the products in a minor way or if possible trying to make the products which suit the taste of people in particular countries.  Targeting the buyers based on age, gender  also plays an important role to take the online selling to an international level.
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