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How to take product photos easily for the online selling and upload them on the e-market places.

1=1000 .   Is this a puzzling equation? No. This is what old English idiom says.  "A picture is worth a thousand words.". This idiom is 100 percent true indeed, literally. In this 21st century more and more e-commerce  sites  (online market places) mushrooming like anything. Small online sellers find it not easy to upload professionally taken pictures to their online selling sites because of the high cost involved. In this article we analyse and present to you -  Online Sellers - the technical tips and tricks for taking apt pictures for the online selling of your products.   From  silver bromide plates to light sensitive films and to film less digital format, from bellows to box cameras, from aim and shoot to Polaroid, from range finder to single lens, from digital cameras to digital single lens reflex camera and from mobile camera to satellite camera,  what a revolutionary technological changes happened in the camera world !!  This author had the opp