Saturday, 1 October 2016

Lazada"s Camaraderie with E-Commerce is just out of this world : Lazada"s E-Commerce conference 2016

The Day - 30th September 2016. As the day  dawned Singapore's Fort Canning Park had a festive look because of the Lazada's E-commerce Conference 2016. By joining hands with its sellers and service providers Lazada created a significant land mark in the history of Singapore's e-commerce arena.

Two hundred online sellers participated in the conference to gain first hand knowledge in the online selling. Not a moment has been lost in the programme in giving the participants what is needed for the online selling. The sellers enjoyed the lining up of events. 

SELLinALL showcased its product in one of the kiosks arranged especially by LAZADA for its service providers. A steady stream of visitors (sellers) walked in and shown very keen interest in SELLinALL.

               SELLinALL team explaining the features to the potential clients

    SELLinALL kiosk with its team at the Lazada's 
E-Commerce Conference 2016

Thank you Lazada!! Thank you sellers!!-for the excellent support you are giving to SELLinALL.

SELLinALL provides a versatile software which saves the online sellers from the drudgery of the listing and inventory managing of their products. There is no need for repetition of work while dealing with multiple e-market places. Online sellers, use SELLinALL for listing, managing the inventory and uploading the pictures of your products in Amazon, Ebay, Etsy, Lazada, snapdeal, facebook, flipkart, shopify, etc.

Magic Inian