Monday, 22 October 2018

It is raining Bits and Bytes ; Cloud computing for the Online Sellers.

In the past ' It is raining cats and dogs',
In the present 'It is raining Bits and Bytes'.

Nova's Ark saved the world from the lashing rain,
Data's Arch (Architecture) shapes the world from the DATA rain.

But when I see them both from the clouds, 
I wonder at the visible and the invisible
and conclude that is our World's Future.
                                                                                       - Poem by Inian P K

'It is raining Bits and Bytes' - This is the present day phrase.  The modern world's atmosphere transformed into Datasphere with 2.5 Quintillion Bytes (2,500,000 Terabytes)  of data created and shunted into the clouds every day.   Being flooded with Bits and Bytes of data rain, all twenty-four hours of 365 days of the year, today's world never sleeps.
The technological breakthrough in the speed of the internet has made it possible for the Information Technology sector to make positive changes in human society. It is projected that by the year 2025, 163 Zettabytes of data ( a trillion Gigabytes)will be stored in the cloud. Nearly three-quarters of the world population will soon be covered by data connectivity.  A day is not far off when every human being in this globe will be affected by the synergy of data in the cloud. 

In the latter part of the year 1996, from a small conference room inside the office of Compaq Corporation, Houston (the present day HP) two young executives - Compaq marketing executive George Favaloro and a young techie named Sean O' Sullivan plotted a pattern of internet business, calling it as Cloud Computing.  Research shows that was the first time the name Cloud Computing appeared in the dictionary of internet jargons. Those were the days of the Netscape browser and their discussion concluded that the future will move towards the web and the storage of mountains and mountains of data will be taken over by Big Conglomerates.  The application software will no longer be a part of the hardware but will be on the internet. It is being said that by the year 2020 data cloud deployment shall be by default.

What is Cloud Computing? 

Cloud Computing described as the use of networks of remote servers - usually accessed over the internet, to store, merge and process data.

Top Five conglomerates of the world's cloud computing:

As mentioned earlier in this blog the big business houses have taken over the rains of the cloud computing data storage. The  Global Public Cloud services market growth in the year 2018 is at 21% and the global cloud data centre IP traffic is 10.6 Zettabytes. This is made possible because of the development made in the Data Architecture.  We can interpret the Data Architecture as a term which refers to all process and methodologies that address data at rest, data in motion, data sets and how these relate to data-dependent process and application.    We present the list of top five conglomerates of the world who is leading in the storage of cloud data:
                              Revenue $

1. Microsoft   -   16.7 Billion

2. Amazon     -   16    Billion

3. IBM           -   15.8 Billion


5. S A P 

The advantages of cloud computing for online sellers:

ScalabilityThe upward trend in the online selling business shall be leading to a lot of accumulation of data to a larger extent. The cloud data storage shall be a good solution for this.

Speed:   The online selling leads the sellers to the global market and makes them travel a lot. They have to access the data wherever they are with speed to compete in the market. It can be achieved and with an advantage of accessing the data in all the computing gadgets like PC's, Laptops, tablets and mobile.

Reduced Infrastructure Cost: Collection of data from all ends will result in more and more spending on the data storage infrastructure. The storage of data in the cloud shall reduce the spending to a very low and the amount saved thereby can be very well used for the developmental business.

Safety and security:  Your data is secure and also there is built in safeguarding system to meet out any eventualities. Duplication of data in the cloud will avoid the crash of data.

Virtual cloud-based alternative:  This is the age of Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality.  Business development depends on these systems and the timeless data accessing is fundamental to these. Seamless integration of data into these systems is possible with speed.

Inventory managementEliciting data any time anywhere makes it possible for a glitchless inventory management.

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- Magic Inian -