Saturday, 22 December 2018

Emotions emulating e-commerce. A overview of the e-commerce future.

Going shopping; Get the e-commerce popping;
Whether you be on the air or in the sea
or on the road,
shopping is - a la mode;
Get your products by drone dropping,
When VR and AR*
 rules the future e-commerce shopping.

                                       (*VR - Virtual Reality, AR - Augmented Reality)

Date: 12th August 2030  (Monday)
International Youth Day (by UNO)

Mr Future started his day by hearing the wakeup call from the Chatbot Alexa.  He had his bath and started to prepare the morning coffee with milk. He remembered that the coffee granules and milk have exhausted.  

He walked to the front door of the house and opened,  to find the Milk bottle and a carton of coffee granules waiting to be picked up. (ordered by his fridge through the Internet of Things (IoT) and dropped at his doorstep by the online market, delivery DRONE).

This day is special to Mr Future since it is his fiance Miss Reality's birthday.  He has to present her something very special.

He picked up his mobile and spoke," Hi Siri, Get some new style garments from the online market for my fiance Miss Reality."

Siri contacted the e-tailing store and an AI-powered Chatbot answered the call and chat further. Siri was asked by the online market Chatbot to switch on the mobile's Augmented Reality App.

There appeared in the middle of Future's living room the holographic figure of Miss Reality.  The online markets Chat-bot started its sales talk and started changing different garments on Miss Reality's holographic figure.

Mr Future called out - "that is that butterfly garment, the second one." - the garment of his liking and ordered. The online store Chatbot voiced "Your order for garment acknowledged."

By the time Mr Future finished his breakfast there came a voice message through his mobile -" Hi Future, Your purchase of garments delivered now at your doorstep by our drone."               
- An imaginative futuristic situational story. 

Dear Readers, The above illustration and the futuristic situational story present to you the wonderful scenario of the future e-commerce. Technologies shall be having their transformative influence on future e-commerce.

Emotional and Personal touch coupled with the feel of the brick and mortar stores brought out with the help of new technological innovations would be the key factors of the future e-commerce.
If we delve deep and analyse the above scenario we could find a lot of technological innovations involved in the scene.

1. Chat-bot,                           
2. Data Analysed by Artificial Influence, 
3. Siri - a chatbot,                  
4. Beacon Technology - Blue Tooth Low Energy Beacon,
5. Delivery by Drone,             
6.  Internet of Things (IoT),
7. AI controlled chatbot,       
 8. Augmented Reality projection by Smart Phone,
9. Voice of the chatbot and the display runs 
     through the Augmented Reality projection.

In all the things mentioned above, we can see that the Artificial Intelligence is playing the 100% vital role in analysing and guiding the decision making, inventory managing and delivering the products.  - i.e., matching the buyers and sellers, facilitating transactions and providing institutional infrastructure- all automatized.

Dear Readers, the day is not far off that every seller - from startup to conglomerate shall be adopting the AI in their future e-commerce business.

SELLinALL the wonderful rugged software has been developed especially to meet out the challenges of the huge volumes of business data of the successful online sellers. It shall be taking care of 80% of their needs,  to lead their business to greater heights.