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Return of the King - The Customer. How to do Customer Centric Services to improve the business?

The customer is the most important asset of a company.  You have to maintain it spic and span  by giving an excellent service. When the Online Shopping Mart was born out of internet innovation. the sellers' world rejoiced by bursting more and more crackers of technological innovations in support of it. But the sellers, while beaming on the success of the online market places,  have shaken the very edifice and the bedrock of the online market place - The customer,  and pushed them to a forsaken place.  Instead, they have made the decorations - The technology, as the frontispiece. The online sellers simply forgot that unless the King - The customer,  blesses them they cannot continue to be the Loyal Subjects of the Online Shopping World. The customer is the monarch of a company and he can build you up or down. He is the only person who can strip anyone of his position right from the CEO to the end man of a company. The Wikipedia says, - " in sales, commerce an