Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Juggernaut 5G - The benefits of 5G networks for the Online Sellers.

"5G is not simply an extension of 4G, nor is it merely a faster
wireless capability.  5G makes possible the connection and
interaction of billions of devices of almost any kind
and collection of data from those devices.  Indeed, 5G connectivity
promises to lead consumers, industries and governments
to new frontiers of productivity and innovation."

The Juggernaut of all networking technology, the incredible evolutionary 5G has arrived as a leader of networking, in this satellite controlled technological world to stay-in during the next decade.  5G technology has evolved itself in many ways to be in this final form and not any one individual or a country can take credit for this product. 

In March 2015, Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance Association consisting of more than 20 leading mobile operators along with 60 other associated industries,  published a white paper on 5G. They have decided to introduce the world the 5G software by 2020. Later they have joined hands with EMEA Satellite Operators Association (ESOA) to provide a synergised environment in the area of integration of satellite solutions in the 5G ecosystem.  They aspire to have a seamless and consistent user experience across time and space in the field of networking. They aim to have hyperconnectivity between people and things.

The Power of 5G:

When we delve deep into the benefits of 5G,  we have the forecast of the Business Decision Leaders of the world saying that the 5G value chain along with the support of 22 million jobs, will generate up to US$ 3.5 trillion in revenue in the year 2035. Upon interview with 3500 people on 5G benefits (consisting Business Decision Leaders, Analysts, and Tech enthusiasts), a report from PSB research presents the following:
  • 91% of interviewees expect new products and services that have yet to be invented.
  • 87% expect new industries to emerge.
  • 82% expect - Good growth of small businesses, with more global competition.
  • 85% expect it to make companies more competitive globally.
  • 89% expect increased productivity.
On the side of the social benefits, 5G presence will make:
  • 85% opine - The internet access to all.
  • 83% opine - Increase access to education.
  • 79% opine - Access to health care to more people in more places.
  • 74% opine - Improve the quality of healthcare and overall life expectancy.
  • 73% opine - Improve the quality of life in cities, including traffic congestion and pollution.
  • 73% opine - Improve safety/security from natural and man-made threats.
  • 70% opine - Lower global energy use by switching over to renewable energy solutions and 63% say, it will make more discoveries on alternative energy sources.
  • 48% believe there will be slow climate change, and 45% believe the world hunger will be reduced.
Dear Readers,  the introduction of 5G, shall lead the world to another industrial revolution. This time it is an industrial-software revolution because the industry and software have become so intertwined and inseparable that we cannot see a difference in the futuristic world.

  • Lower Latency: 5G with its Lower Latency, will be having a time delay of 1 millisecond or less. With this undetectable time delay, there will be a real-time download of rapidly changing data in the mobile talk and in other devices. 
  • With Super Capacity, 5G can easily manage high demand applications like driverless cars, Internet of Things, virtual and augmented reality experience, and simultaneous HD video streaming. 
  • The Ultra reliability of 5G will be a boost to the health care sector in remote places, and to driverless automation of vehicles. 
  • In spite of all this work on its shoulder, 5G will enhance battery life ten times more.

SELLinALL with its futuristic software, gearing up to explore 5G when it takes up the world by storm and its impact on the future e-commerce world.  SELLinALL with its inventory data on the cloud will easily manage to upload the data in the online market places. It will work real-time to meet out the downloading of the sales data of its customers.

Dear Readers, we shall welcome with warm greetings the 5G networking into the e-commerce world.

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