Sunday, 29 September 2019

SELLinALL and Satsaco sailing together on the e-commerce ocean; SELLinALL partnered with Satsaco to provide advantages logistics and shipping solutions to the online sellers.

In the e-commerce industry logistics and shipping, evolved themselves as to its backbone. The goods have to be moved and delivered on-time, every time in the e-tailing arena. Employing the modern-day logistic techniques in the day to day operational e-tailing has become an art by itself.

We are proud to associate ourselves with SATSACO - the three-decade-old company which is providing integrated and customised logistic solutions in Singapore, Hongkong, China and Indonesia.  An association that goes a long way to achieve greater heights in the e-commerce world.

In the present day, online markets 75 to 80% of the products sold have the advantages of free shipping (the trends and feel of the buyers) which in turn make the sellers go in for cheaper shipping charges.  This is where the professionals like SATSACO come in and employ their skill to provide the sellers with the most advantages logistics and shipping solutions.

Dear Online Sellers, SELLinALL with its integrated market places software, will give access to your business a complete global coverage.  SELLinALL has come up in their latest, some all-new advantages software upgrades. 
  • Bulk Price Edit - Easy Bulk editing of the prices of all the SKU (Stock Keeping Units).
  • Pricing Strategy -   The strategy on the Pricing of the products customised by which SELLinALL software makes an automated adjustment of the prices of the products whenever there are changes in the competitors' product prices.
  • Advanced Inventory Search - This advanced search feature can be used to search multiple SKUs'  in one single action.
The untiring efforts of the SELLinALLs' Research and Development wing have brought out these features for the benefits of the Online Sellers.   The usage of
SELLinALL software in your day to day business affairs will make your business soar to a greater height.

Gliding through the ocean of e-commerce, we are sure that SELLinALL and SATSACO will be doing a yeoman service to the e-commerce world.