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The case of Digital Marketing during COVID-19

‘It feels like the end of the world!’ ‘What should we do now?’ No doubt these questions crept into our minds at one point in time since the beginning of this year. The Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented, and the entire economy is floating (or sinking) into uncharted territories as lock-downs are being extended and social distancing has slowly become the strict rule for safety and rightly so. Daily reports of infected cases and deaths fluctuate and information is inconsistent and irregular but one common thread is that the momentum of rise in the number of infected cases has not slowed. As of 5 th  May, China has recorded the maximum deaths of 4643 , followed closely by India at 1568 , Indonesia, Philippines and Japan among the other APAC countries according to a survey done by  Statista.   And this means that the lock-down could very well continue, affecting people and businesses.  No doubt, businesses have had to rethink how they can continue to engage with their cust