Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New ways of advertsing/promoting a Business

Earlier in 1980s and 90's even up to 2000,  promoting business was done by mainly playing ads on Television and publishing ads in newspaper. For 30 years, we can say that Televison and newspaper played a major role in advertising products. This was because people used to depend on these two media for either entertainment or information.
But now from past 5 years internet plays a major role in advertising or promoting a business. As the online shopping has picked up by leaps and bounds so too the online advertising. As most of the People prefer spending time online than watching Television or reading newspaper, so too the shift of advertising to online is happening. Google ads is a major role player in advertising now. Facebook ads, instagram ads come next to google ads.
And now with the increasing use of smartphones, the online advertising is going up. The reason behind this is, some People may not afford to buy a computer or laptop, but the easy and affordable price in which smart phones are available and with service providers improving their signals,  shopping apps are playing a major role in online business. So the advertising in mobile apps is also increasing a lot.
The new ways of advertising are mainly indirect advertising. Indirect advertising is not  directly posting ads about a product or brand directly but incorporating the product in popular blogs related to the category and how advantageous it is to buy the product.  People talking about the products or websites  is a free way of advertising but an indirect way. Writing comments or asking people to comment about their products in social communication websites is another popular but free and indirect way of advertising the products.
Selling in major sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Shopify is an indirect way of advertising or promoting products. Selling/listing products through SELLinALL  also is a very good way is it makes the listing of products easy along with providing a free online shop and helps in promoting the products because of its good SEO techniques. Online sellers choose SELLinALL to list products in Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Shopify, Facebook etc.  and popularise your products too.

                                                           - Anupama Gundu-