Monday, 16 November 2015

Will Chinese 'Baidu' have its influence on India's online Selling/E-tailing?

Search engines play an important role in increasing the popularity or visibility of an E-market place/ website.There are many search engines like yahoo, Bing. But Google is a very popular search engine till now and from past 17 years the usage of Google  has grown exponentially. Any website or E-market place uses Search Engine Optimisation techniques to improve its visibility in Google. Online selling/E-tailing indirectly depends on the Google search engine visibility.

This scenario has now changed in China because of Baidu. Baidu is a search engine which is started 13 years ago in China and  now Baidu has overtaken Google in China. Google is used in China, but Baidu has overtaken the No.1 position by 70-80% of internet users using Baidu. This makes the China's Baidu more popular than Google in China. The websites/E-market places in China have to design their E-market places/websites so that it is more visible in Baidu.
Till now China has proved its potential in the manufacturing sector by providing cheaper goods comparatively. Now, China is having its influence in the search engine world. It is known that Baidu is trying to start its own version of search engine in India. If it is able to establish itself in India, then it will take up majority of the internet users .
Baidu is popular in China because of its localised search results. So if Baidu is able to provide accurate and localised search results it will soon be popular in India too. The websites and E-market places also should implement the SEO techniques suitable to Baidu.
The question now is will Baidu take over Google in India and rest of the world? Only time can answer this question. But Baidu starting its own search engine in India is a first step. Will this change the scenario of E-tailing/online selling is also another thing to be considered. The E-market places like Amazon,Ebay,Flipkart etc.are popular with Google and with the people.So these market places will be popular with any search engine and with Baidu.

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                                                          -Anupama Gundu-