Monday, 21 December 2015

How can E-market places engage online sellers in online Business?

There are instances when an online seller registers in E-market places like Amazon, EBay,  Snapdeal etc. and then they lose interest or they don't upload products after registering. Normally 30% of the online sellers who register are not actively involved in the selling process which is in a way loss to the E-market places.
These are some of the problem areas and how these problem areas can be dealt:
  • A seller who decides to sell in E-market place has to go through some procedures to register in the E-market and sell the products. Some sellers who go through half the way find the procedure to be tough and they may need some one who can help them in the registration process. So the best thing to deal with such cases is to have a team who can constantly pursue the sellers to finish the registration process.
  • The sellers after finishing the registration process get struck when uploading photos and the data. This can  be dealt  by E-market places by having some people allocated to help the sellers in uploading the pictures and the data. The other way to deal with this problem is that the  E-market places can make the design and uploading a simple process rather than complicating the process.
  • After registration and uploading of data, pictures comes the active participation of the sellers. Some sellers have just 2 or 3 products to sell in their seller account and they do not update the list of the products neither they actively participate in the selling process which in a way is a loss to the E-market place. To deal with this problem, the E-market places can send personalised mails to the sellers to update their list of products, set some targets, create a competitive  environment between sellers so that sellers actively participate in the selling process.
  • The E-market places has to take care that the sellers are dispatching the products on time to the buyer directly or in case of out of stock , the seller intimating the buyer and the E-market place about the status.This situation takes place when the seller is not actively involved in the selling process and this should be taken care.  To deal with this problem, the E-market places should fix some fine to the seller if the product  is not dispatched on time or if the buyer is not notified of the status of the product. And strict measures like the termination of the seller account should be done if the problems repeat from the seller.
  • The same product may be sold by the seller in different prices in various E-market places which brings loss to the E-market place where the price is listed high and in a way a bad name. This problem an be dealt by having a constant comparision of the products in the their own E-market place with other E-market places and if such problem arises the seller should be warned or in serious case the seller account should be terminated.

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                                                 -Anupama Gundu-