Thursday, 24 March 2016

Improve online sales by having Customer interaction!!!

Customer interaction plays a very important role in the online business. The E-market places like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Ebay etc.  which are popular among customers and who are major players in online business are very good in interacting with customers.
Even though there are various ways to interact with customers, interacting with them in social media or through the E-market places is the one that reaches all the potential customers. It is a good practice for the E-market places to encourage customers to give their opinion about the service provided by the E-market place or the product bought in the E-market place. This allows potential buyers to check the credibility of the product or the E-market place. Allowing the customers to give their opinion whether it is positive or negative plays an important role in online sales. Reviews are important as the customers wont be able to see and check the products directly. They would like to read the reviews given by other customers and the level of satisfaction about the product or the service provided by the E-market place. These reviews play an important role in improving online sales. Encouraging customers to write reviews and accepting negative reviews or comments is also very important as there cant be 100% acceptance by everyone.
Another way to interact with customers is through Facebook. The major E-market places like Amazon, Ebay etc. interact with customers on Facebook. The customers can post their comments like the delay in the delivery, whether they are satisfied about the product bought on the E-market place etc. The customers get replies for their comments or questions. The best practice for an E-market place is to deal with negative reviews and  solve the issues reported by the customers to improve the sales. Though most of the E-market places support customer care through telephone, posting the comments on facebook or the E-market place is more advantageous as other people can read these comments.
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