Tuesday, 29 March 2016

India Post gains from E-commerce in India!!!

India post is gaining from E-commerce in India. True, the drowning India Post is gaining its strength and becoming a major player in E-commerce. Due to the advent of E-mails and courier services, postal services were merely surviving and the Postal sector was in loss.
E-commerce is gaining these days and people are showing interest to buy products online. Earlier people in major cities used to buy products online. The major courier services and  the delivery network related to the E-market places used to deliver the products. But now the E-commerce has spread to rural places in India.
Delivering the products is a major  part in online selling. As the rural areas cannot be reached by private delivery services and as post offices are present in each and every village, the delivery of the products bought online is done by the postal services. The people in rural areas are coming to know about the E-market places and the advantages of buying online like the cheaper prices and the variety of products which are not available in their local markets.
The E-market places like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. are having tie-ups with the postal services to deliver the products and recieve the payment. As many of the rural people do not have credit or debit cards, the payment is also recieved by the postal delivery people. This new phase in E-commerce is welcoming as it is advantageous to everyone.
This new change in E-commerce is a positive signal  for all the aspiring and budding online sellers. Selling online is easy and profitable if the E-market places are properly chosen where to sell the products. And another important thing to be taken care of is how to list the products in these E-market places. As SELLinALL  supports integrated environments with major E-market places like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Etsy, Lazada gropus and provides a free online shop, choosing SELLinALL to list products would be advantageous.