Thursday, 3 March 2016

Online health care in India on the Rise!!!

The online health care in India is on the rise for past 5 years. Its a 100 Billion Rupees industry in India Now!!! There are various sectors in the health care  like online pharmacy, online appointment and consultation with doctors, online medical insurance etc. People are moving towards the online health care system as there are more advantages in this system.
Online pharmacy is a sector which is rising now a days. There are many online pharmacy websites like,, Appolopharmacy. in etc. which cater to the needs of the customers like over the counter drugs,  health supplements, health care devices, personal care and wellness products, Ayurvedic and herbal products etc. The major websites like, , also have a health care section which caters to the needs of online customers. The cheaper rates, home delivery and the availability of rare medicines are some of the reasons for people tending towards online pharmacy.
Coming to the online consultation and appointment of doctors, the websites like,, cater the needs like finding an expert doctor in a specified field like urology, gynecology etc.,  booking an appointment with the doctors, talking live with the doctors about a problem and even consultation and check ups. All these facilities attract many people who cannot go out and do all these and who find it easy to do everything related to health care sitting at home.
Taking Online medical insurance , the websites like,, etc. provide online medical insurance. The advantage of covering major hospitals and the benefits provided by these websites attract many customers and this online health insurance sector is on the boom now.

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