Thursday, 21 April 2016

Selling on Facebook Business page is the new trend in Online Selling!!!

Facebook as everyone knows is a well known and powerful social communication site. There are millions of users for Facebook who connect and reach out their friends and loved ones. This enormous amount of users were also given an opportunity to do online selling through Facebook's Business pages.
Facebook's Business page and the integration of Facebook with many hosted cart websites like Shopify make Facebook selling a comfortable and an easy one for many online sellers. The question is 'Why are online sellers choosing Facebook when so many E-tailing sites are available where they can sell the products?'.
There are many major E-tailing sites like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc. which act as a medium between sellers and buyers. These E-tailers do a lot of promotion of the websites as well as products sold in their websites. They earn the trust of the customers by their steady and constant quality work like delivering the products on time as promised. The originality of the products is one more thing which is promised by these E-tailing sites.The ease with which the products can be returned is another major advantage when buying on these E-tailing sites.
When coming to Facebook, the Business pages and the pages created through various sites of Facebook help online sellers to sell their products online. The ease with which the Facebook business page can be created and the products can be uploaded is the reason why so many online sellers are choosing Facebook Business page to sell their products. One more advantage here is that they need not pay any commission and what ever profit they earn is theirs. When selling is done in large quantities, the amount paid as commission counts. And the reach out to millions of people of Facebook is a major advantage.
There are almost 40 million active Business pages in Facebook. Most of the  Business pages are doing well in selling the products. There are various products available on Facebook that cannot be  found any where else and very much catches the eyes of the customers. The number of likes a Facebook Business page gets, the more popular it becomes and can be easily seen in Google search results. With ever increasing popularity of Facebook and Facebook Business pages, there is no doubt that it easily becomes one of the most popular E-commerce/E-tailing site.
SELLinALL with its integrated environments with E-tailing sites like Amazon, Ebay, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Shopify, Facebook etc. make online selling/listing of products in these sites a very easy one. SELLinALL understands the importance of Facebook Business page and it is the first one which was chosen for integrated environment. Create a Facebook business page and list products for free with SELLinALL LITE. 

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