Sunday, 29 May 2016

How to start an E-commerce Business?

An E-commerce business is a profitable and flexible profession. Like any business E-commerce business also needs some basic things to get started. The following three basic points have to be taken care for starting an E-commerce business.

  • An idea about what kind of products can be sold profitably.
Having a basic idea of what kind of products can be sold online is essential to get profit. The best products that can be sold online are the ones that are not found easily online. This is easy to say but sometimes difficult to implement. Normally products that are  self created  or selling the creative products made by friends is a good idea.

The creative products can be anything like some painting done on canvas shoes, plain slippers which have been decorated with beads, a plain T-shirt which is altered or designed with some design etc. The creative ideas or E-books are also good products that can be sold online. If someone is good at technical or business ideas, these ideas can be sold.
  • A minimum investment.
A minimum investment is needed to start an E-commerce business. The investment needed depends up on the products chosen . Selling creative products may not need much investment.Sample pieces can be created, photographs of these created products can be posted on the E-commerce sites. If there is an order for a particular product, the product can be created and can be delivered.

Dropshipping is also another method where the business can be done on minimum investment. In Dropshipping, the products are bought from a wholesaler or maufacturer and these products are sold online for a profit . Only if the product gets an order these products can be bought from the third party and shipped to the customer.

For selling creative ideas/E-books, investment is not needed to buy products etc.
  • A website or E-commerce site to sell the products or creative ideas online.
A website is needed to sell creative ideas or products. If the idea is to sell some products, the products can be sold on major E-market places like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Ebay etc. to reduce the cost of launching and maintaining an E-commerce site in the beginning. E-books can be sold in E-commerce sites like Shopify. 

If the products are listed through E-commerce sites like SELLinALL, the products can be listed in major E-market places like Amazon, Flipkart, Ebay, Shopify, Lazada groups, Etsy, facebook etc. with a single click. Along with this, a free online store is allocated to the online seller. 

Along with these basic things, anyone starting an E-commerce business needs some patience to wait for the business to get established online.