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It is raining Bits and Bytes ; Cloud computing for the Online Sellers.

In the past ' It is raining cats and dogs', In the present 'It is raining Bits and Bytes'. Nova's Ark saved the world from the lashing rain, Data's Arch (Architecture) shapes the world from the DATA rain. But when I see them both from the clouds,  I wonder at the visible and the invisible and conclude that is our World's Future.                                                                                        - Poem by Inian P K 'It is raining Bits and Bytes' - This is the present day phrase.  The modern world's atmosphere transformed into Datasphere with 2.5 Quintillion Bytes (2,500,000 Terabytes)  of data created and shunted into the clouds every day.    Being flooded with Bits and Bytes of data rain, all twenty-four hours of 365 days of the year,  today's world never sleeps. source: DataAge2025-March-2017.pdf The techno