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Digital advertisement spending - A Boon or a Wane for the online sellers?

  Advertising is the lifeblood of the digital economy. - Nick Stringer The year is 1994 - First time in the history of world wide web a digital advertisement banner appeared on the web.    Within a span of 25 years, inspired by its tremendous growth, the digital advertisement spending has surpassed the conventional advertisement in the United States of America (in 2019). Mind boggling - so quick, so much in a so short span of time. In comparison with the TV with Print Media advertisement spending, calculating from the date of the first TV advertisement which appeared on 1st July 1941, the TV advertisement spending has taken 77 Years to surpass the Print Media. Billions of dollars piped-in to the digital advertisement every year due to more and more businessmen converting their advertising activities to digital and also more and newer modes of digital advertisement platforms entering the market.  Why these huge spending on digital advertisement platforms? Whether w