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Survival instincts conquers Brick and Mortar Store Giants!!! Trendy opening-up of click and mortar stores.

From the dawn of the civilization,  from Mesopotamian to Sumerian and from Indus Valley to Egyptian,  trade has become the symbol of economic affluence. The evidence of trade between those civilizations has been unearthed and proven by the Archaeologists. There were shreds of evidence of the shops and shopping arcades in the Mohanjadoro and Harappa excavations . As the centuries go by, those erstwhile civilizations shopping arcade trading points, have evolved themselves into Shopping streets and Bazars. During the 18th century, the shops of the ancient civilizations evolutionized themselves into General Stores. In the year 1857 Charles Dickens, the famous English Novelist in his novel 'LITTLE DORRIT' for the first time coined  a new name for the General Stores as  Brick and Mortar Stores   and that new name has come to stay forever to indicate physical stores. In the year 1859 Great Atlantic & Pacific tea company opened its first chain of grocery stores,  follo