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New year resolutions for online sellers!!!

The online sellers will have many dreams about earning a steady income through online selling. The online selling is a good way to earn a steady income or as a source of secondary income. These are some of the resolutions which can make online selling a good source of income. The online sellers should never get disappointed in the early stages of starting the business as it takes time to get orders or to get settled in the business. One way to  improve online selling is to be  constantly visible online. As there would be millions of online sellers, choosing ways like writing a blog about the products or the website would make the products and the website visible online.  The other way to improve online sales is to choose  a simple design while designing the website. Importance should be given to the quality of the pictures. Care should be taken that the website opens up fast and there are no delays in opening the pictures and other information. Maintaining good relation wi

How can E-market places engage online sellers in online Business?

There are instances when an online seller registers in E-market places like Amazon, EBay,  Snapdeal etc. and then they lose interest or they don't upload products after registering. Normally 30% of the online sellers who register are not actively involved in the selling process which is in a way loss to the E-market places. These are some of the problem areas and how these problem areas can be dealt: A seller who decides to sell in E-market place has to go through some procedures to register in the E-market and sell the products. Some sellers who go through half the way find the procedure to be tough and they may need some one who can help them in the registration process. So the best thing to deal with such cases is to have a team who can constantly pursue the sellers to finish the registration process. The sellers after finishing the registration process get struck when uploading photos and the data. This can  be dealt  by E-market places by having some people allocate

How to avoid losses in online selling/E-tailing in times of Natural Disaster

Online business is no different when it comes to dealing with natural disasters. In the offline business its comparatively easy to deal with natural disaster. The reason being the additional and important factor in online business which is shipment from seller to buyer. Shipment plays an important role in online selling/E-tailing as many of the major E-market places have a condition that the delivery of the ordered products should be done in a minimum amount of time like 1-2 days in case of domestic shipping and 1 week - 10 days in case of international shipping. The rating of seller and that way the rating of the website depends on the shipment time. When natural disasters like storm, heavy rains etc. struck then definitely there will be an effect on online business. The shipment can't be done if all sorts of transportation come to a stand still. The E-market places will be responsible for the late delivery of the products. In some cases the order may get cancelled au