Wednesday, 17 February 2016

A conflict between Online ads and AdBlocker!!!

Many online publishers and website owners dream of earning some revenue by placing advertisements in their websites or their online blogs. It used be a good source of earning for many people. With the new advent of Adblock software, the users can download the software for free with in seconds and all the ads can be blocked. This Adblock software can also be used to block advertisments in mobiles.
This new trend of ad-blocking is on rise and almost 80% of online users and 50% of mobile users are using this software to block the ads. With the rise in online users, there is huge demand for internet marketing. Publishing ads in websites, blogs etc.,  is a very good way to reach the online users. The online users choose adblock software to improve the speed and to reduce the distractions.
The question is whether the adblock software should be altered or is it necessary to stop displaying all the ads online?  Online advertising is a good way of earning income for online publishers, website owners and many online advertising agencies. From the online user point of view some of the ads like pop up ads and ads that flash suddenly distract the users and they loose interest in the article they are reading or the website they are looking at.
It is good if the online user is given a chance whether he/she would like to view the ads or not? If the online user wants to view advertisements, then a choice should be given as to what type of advertisements would the user prefer? The Adblock software should also be changed accordingly or advertisements should be displayed which are not a disturbance to the users or that are not distracting. There should be an acceptance at some point so that the online advertising does not come to an end as a whole.
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