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How to start an E-commerce Business?

An E-commerce business is a profitable and flexible profession. Like any business E-commerce business also needs some basic things to get started. The following three basic points have to be taken care for starting an E-commerce business. An idea about what kind of products can be sold profitably. Having a basic idea of what kind of products can be sold online is essential to get profit. The best products that can be sold online are the ones that are not found easily online. This is easy to say but sometimes difficult to implement. Normally products that are  self created  or selling the creative products made by friends is a good idea. The creative products can be anything like some painting done on canvas shoes, plain slippers which have been decorated with beads, a plain T-shirt which is altered or designed with some design etc. The creative ideas or E-books are also good products that can be sold online. If someone is good at technical or business ideas,

How and why do the E-market places give huge discounts???

The major E-commerce sites like Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart etc offer huge discounts and deals to attract customers. The huge discounts given on the products in these E-commerce sites cannot be found at the same rate in the retail market or brick and mortar shops. The question here is how can these E-commerce sites give such huge discounts and will they able to do it in the future? These are some of the reasons as to why and how the E-commerce sites give huge discounts: The major reason being the support from investors who invest in these major E-commerce sites. The major national and international brands and business ventures invest in these E-commerce sites.  The vendors who would like to sell their products on a less margin supply their products to the E-commerce sites in daily deals etc. The margin can be less on each product but the overall profit goes up based on the quantity. The E-commerce sites also sell the products on marginal profit. The major brand selle

Snapdeal still going strong despite the lastest issues!!!

Snapdeal is one of the  major E-commerce/E-tailing websites in India. According to the Business standard, Snapdeal  has about 40 million registered users and about 1.5 lakh sellers all over India. The valuation of Snapdeal in 2015 according to Times of India is 4.5 billion dollars. There are many issues related to Snapdeal which are surfacing these days. The latest issues related to sellers being making some forms mandatory for shipment to particular states. The attachment of  form17 and form18 when shipping products to uttarpradesh is mandatory for Snapdeal sellers. The attachment of form JVAT 504G is made mandatory for shipments to jharkand state. The other issue being the incorrect shipping charges being levied on sellers. All these issues may play a role in the sales of Snapdeal. The other issue which is heating up is the legal fight between paytm and snapdeal. Paytm has filed a law suit against Unicommerce which is an e-commerce management software and fulfillment solution