Wednesday, 10 August 2016


There is an old saying - " IT IS EASIER SAID THAN DONE". But SELLinALL has said and done it. It has been said by the Online Sellers that SELLinALL has made the online selling easy for them.

World has shrunken into one market place because of the technological innovations. In the present day world there become no difference between day and night. The online seller have to cope up with this time frame and manage the selling all the 24 hours. This impossible made possible by the SELLinALL


The time consuming first difficulty an online seller faces is the listing management. If it confines to one or two items for selling in the online market the hurdles a seller faces is less. But once the product numbers increases then the sellers has to spend more time on listing.  This confines not only for description of the products but also for uploading the pictures.

SELLinALL research team has analysed the difficulties an online seller faces while doing the listing of their products in the various e-market places. They had a real surprise when they found out that an online seller spends around 400 man hours in an year for twenty product listing in three e-market places.  This is  equivalent to 50 days work in an year at eight hours work schedule per day.

SELLinALL thrashed  out this difficulty and made the listing so easy at the touch of a button. It will do the listing not only for one online market place but in multiple e-market places. The online seller has to just copy the listing in one e-market place and to another, in one single push through the SELLinALL dashboard.


A prudent online seller has to sell not only in one e-market place but in multiple e-market places. When it is so then there will be a difficulty of matching the inventory of goods sold. This inventory management of synchronising the item quantity counts, in multiple e-market places will be done automatically by the SELLinALL.


SELLinALL ORDER dashboard shows you the orders placed on your products in multiple market places. It tracks the orders  from warehouses until shipping status and reflects the same (shipped items) in the e-market places.


Your business can be managed -WHILE ON THE GO - in gadgets of all types, be it Personal Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Phablets or Smart phones. The adaptability of the robust SELLinALL software  in all the technological wonders gives you  the key to your online selling success.


A frequently asked question by the On-line sellers is - How and where the data are stored by SELLinALL.

SELLinALL works on the cloud platform.  It stores the data on the clouds.  This had led the online sellers to use SELLinALL, 24x 7 on all the 365 days of the year

SELLinALL  has a social responsibility. It has com-mitted to the society by sharing 2% of its profits to the charity. 

SELLinALL is an excellent tool which thrashes out the online sellers difficulties. It is for the online sellers who say that 24 hours are not enough. Above all Online Sellers, it spares you from drudgery of work and spares time and freedom to enjoy your personal world. 

Use SELLinALL and do imports and exports of data from one e-commerce site to another easily. SELLinALL software makes it easy for you to do listing management, inventory management and order management in amazon, ebay, lazada group, snapdeal, flipkart etc. No wonder it is making the Online Sellers feel happy and satisfied for choosing it.

-Magic Inian-