Monday, 25 February 2019

Evolving Earnings through Ethical Business: Business Ethics for the Onine Sellers

செய்தக்க வல்ல செயக்கெடுஞ் செய்தக்க
செய்யாமை யாலுங் கெடும். (466)

To do what not to do is disastrous,
not to do what ought to be done is equally so.

                                                                          - Thirukkural by Thiruvalluvar

This quote of 2000-year-old revered Thirukkural enlightens us, what the present day entrepreneurs or merchandisers have to embrace in their business.  Oxford English dictionary defines ethics as - "the moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity."

The current-day technology presents us the global business in a platter thus resulting in the easy audiovisual presentation of our products to the world market. The innovating technics of the innumerable applications in audiovisual give us the temptation of presenting the products of sale to the customers by camouflaging the inherent defects or shortcomings.  The ethical trends are thrown away by the online sellers for an overnight ephemeral gain.  On the other hand, history teaches us that successful business houses of the world succeeded in their business by maintaining good business ethics.

Major ethical issues companies face in e-commerce are privacy, security, trust, intellectual property rights, and some environmental issues.  Foremost amongst them is the privacy of customers.  The adoptive technics of Artificial Intelligence bring forth the corroborative information about customer taste and behaviours.  A huge amount of data collected with or without the knowledge of the customers by the companies.  It has to become a commitment to the business sectors to preserve this in a secured manner and to maintain the privacy of the customers. This ethic cannot be compromised on any account.

The customers are asked to pay for the goods purchased by the secured gateway or by different kinds of payment methods. The online seller has to make sure that the payment methods are very much secure and all the latest security technics are established in their market sites.

The trust and integrity of the online sellers have to be established firmly to have a long lasting business relationship with the clients. The contents while presenting the products to the customers by way of audiovisual and scripting, have to be in the truthful form without any doctoring. The customer has to be made to understand, the true nature of the product he purchases  Any discussion on the product details has to be attended to and the customers have to be satisfied before they make the purchase.

The return policy of the seller has to be explicitly mentioned in the market site and has to be adhered to in the true letter and spirit. This not only avoids the displeasure of the customer but also enhances the integrity of the seller.  This shall lead to flourishing business with long-standing customers.

In these days of global warming, it is the bounden duty of the seller to be a patron of environmental ethics. The online sellers have to sail along with nature by adopting innovative technics in the packaging by using environment-friendly materials. Get the satisfaction of being part of the environmental protection.

When you go global be adaptive to the countries governing laws for doing business in those countries soil.  Each country has its own sets of business laws. Comply with them so as not to get entangled with the laws of the land and to lose the credibility to do business in that country.

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