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Juggernaut 5G - The benefits of 5G networks for the Online Sellers.

"5G is not simply an extension of 4G, nor is it merely a faster wireless capability.  5G makes possible the connection and interaction of billions of devices of almost any kind and collection of data from those devices.  Indeed, 5G connectivity promises to lead consumers, industries and governments to new frontiers of productivity and innovation."  -   5G: The chance to lead for a decade.  Deloitte The Juggernaut of all networking technology, the incredible evolutionary 5G has arrived  as  a leader of networking,  in this satellite controlled technological world to stay-in during  the next decade.   5G technology has evolved itself in many ways to be in this final form and not any one individual or a country can take credit for this product.  In March 2015, Next Generation Mobile Networks (NGMN) Alliance Association consisting of more than 20 leading mobile operators along with 60 other associated industries,  published a white paper on 5G.  They