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How to start an Online Selling Business using the Smartphone? Think big, Act big and Sell Online through the Small Smartphone!!

                                                The phrase  mobile commerce  was originally coined in 1997 by Kevin Duffey at the launch of the Global Mobile Commerce Forum, to mean "the delivery of  electronic commerce  capabilities directly into the consumer’s hand, anywhere, via  wireless  technology."    - Wikipedia Kevin Duffey at the time of coining the word Mobile Commerce never thought that Mobile Commerce shall be making billions and billions on Online Selling Marketplaces. The growing number of smartphone users (32% of the world population) , the tremendous growth in world transportation and logistics are leading us towards more dependency on the Smartphone and Online Selling. The dream of every online seller has become true due to the smartphone technological improvement. The formidable growth in the 4th Generation and 5th Generation technologies has broken the barriers of speed in the information technology. In this blog, we would like to


                                                             This old adage first appeared in the book DON QUIXOTE, a  Spanish language book written by Miguel De Cervantes Saavedra. Interestingly this old saying is much used in the portfolio investments parlance or rather in company shares investments. But the real meaning of the saying relates to every field of knowledge and skills. Dear Online Sellers, you will be wondering how this age-old saying connected with the online selling !! In this 21st century, the world has become a Global market and approximately more than two-thirds of the world population have gone digital. Smartphone users have covered half of the digital world and mobile e-commerce tops the list. All days, 24 hours shopping, has come to your fingertips from the streets. All these statistics point out that the sellers have to grab the stakes and jump out of the local selling to shine through the global market. Since the approach to th


"Selling online is not EASY! It is the EASIEST if you know the  Correct Product, Correct Price and the Correct Place." 2018 - An Year of Bonanza for the Online Sellers. Nano Technology has brought out monolithic changes in the field of Online Selling, and it has made this year's bonanza a real one. It has been estimated that in the year 2018, retail sales worldwide shall shoot up to 2.489 trillion dollars.   Mobile technology and the speed of the internet which has attracted 51.7% (2017) of the world population to the internet, has brought out a sea change in the market presentation, and in the interactive buyer-seller relationship. This has resulted in solving many tough challenges faced in the selling techniques.  The world has become the Arena of Sales for online sellers, and the language barriers have been pulled down with the help of the translation software. Because of the technological innovations, the Visual presentation has

"Thou Shall Have A Quantum Jump In Your Business" A Prediction to the online sellers from SELLinALL!!

"Thou Shall Have A Quantum Jump In Your Business". This is the prediction to the clients of SELLinALL. This is not a tall story.  SELLinALL's adaptability  to the clients needs which has led  to its transformation in its business model, has made this prediction true to its saying. In the year  2015 Asia's largest techmedia platform  "e27" adjudged  SELLinALL ,  as one of  the top 10 startup companies out of 100 best startups from 14 countries around the  world.  This has given SELLinALL a momentum and it has built 1000+ satisfied clients in its fold. Dear Readers, with SELLinALL, be a front runner and  grab a lions share out of the US$.1.8 trillion, fore-casted e-commerce sales for year 2018. Await for the next blog, detailing the PARADIGM SHIFT, SELLinALL made to achieve the 1000+ satisfied clients.   -  Magic Inian -   ( ) ( )

It is simply, simply simplicity. SELLinALL - Epitome of Simplicity but a Global Work Horse.

          It is simply, simply, simplicity.  Yes!! SELLinALL - The Epitome of Simplicity but a Global Work Horse. S ELLinALL has  taken a new Avatar with- in a couple of years of its  inception. This      is the outcome of its feel the pulse of its clients,which has led to its global trans- formation. Dear readers, selling across multiple markets and channels has never before easier than now - with SELLinALL. We shall share more and more news with you  in our next blog, about the successful transformation of SELLinALL.  - Magic Inian - (;

Quick Guide for the Online Sellers and Glossary of Online Selling Words - Part 2

We are happy to present to you the PART 2 of the Quick Guide for the Online Sellers and Glossary of Online Selling words and we thank you dear readers for the excellent support we received for the Part 1.  In this part 2 we are presentng two more e-commerce sites for online selling places as reference.  We hope that the information provided in this blog will be of use to the readers. 2 1st century's bonhomie with e-commerce  is a welcoming sign for online sellers. Day in and Day out, more and more e-commerce sites step into the online market. T remendous leap from the  Barter System  of selling to the present day e-commerce has added more new words to the English Dictionary. This has lead to the difficulty of coping up with the growing number of e-commerce jargon  for the online sellers  .  SELLinALL  Blog as a goodwill gesture to the online sellers compiled this quick guide about the facilities and registration requirements of the top online e-commerce sites

SELLinALL moves on to bigger and better things!!

A panoramic inside view of the SELLinALL office in Chennai A spark of thought which started in the year 2014 formed into a workable idea and by 2015 the brain storming team of five behind it, made it happen as SELLinALL. SELLinALL participated in  Echolan 27 East Asia Conference,   Echolan Singapore chapter contest and awarded as one of the top three startups.  In the prestigious Echolan Asia Summit 2015 at Singapore, SELLinALL had a presentation  and placed within the best and brightest top ten startup companies, out of 100 startup contestants from 14 countries. With all those laurels, within an year of its inception SELLinALL  opened its first overseas office in India at the famous IT Corridor, Rajiv Gandhi Salai, Chennai. Now SELLinALL sets yet another milestone by having its own bigger office in Chennai . SELLinALL Tech Crews For SELLinALL the best is yet to come.  The years will bring bigger and bigger things in its fold because of the trust it gai