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Young Entrepreneurs on rise because of E-tailing/online selling

With the advent of   e-tailing/ online selling, young entrepreneurs are on the rise in India. The flexibility in timings, easy financial affordability  and the freedom from a daily routine is making young people turn towards starting their own online business. Women who want to work from home and students who want to earn some income for their studies are choosing online selling. Online selling has given a new opportunity for people to sell their products who are good in making unique and handmade products. This will also bring their skills out to the world. Especially the interest and demand for items has made online selling a very good earning option for people who are good in making hand made products. Along with this, so many E-market places like Snapdeal, Amazon, Craftsvilla allow sellers to sell hand made products without VAT/CST which is an added advantage for online sellers selling hand made products. With the increasing demand for designer jewelry or designer

Can I make money by reselling products online???

Any one can earn by reselling products online. The original price of a product or manufacturing price of a product will be normally lesser than the retail price of the product. A product can be bought at a lesser cost when they are bought in a bulk quantity. Some products come in a lesser price than the normal price given on the product through some special deals or when bought in special whole sale shops. But for some one to earn money through reselling products one needs to have an idea about the price of the product and the approximate manufacturing price of the product or the whole sale price of the product. When someone plans to make money by reselling products, these points have to be considered: First any one planning to resell products should decide whether to choose a single product and resell it for a higher price or to resell the products randomly which are available for a cheaper price. If someone decides to resell a single product online, then a deal can be done

New ways of advertsing/promoting a Business

Earlier in 1980s and 90's even up to 2000,  promoting business was done by mainly playing ads on Television and publishing ads in newspaper. For 30 years, we can say that Televison and newspaper played a major role in advertising products. This was because people used to depend on these two media for either entertainment or information. But now from past 5 years internet plays a major role in advertising or promoting a business. As the online shopping has picked up by leaps and bounds so too the online advertising. As most of the People prefer spending time online than watching Television or reading newspaper, so too the shift of advertising to online is happening. Google ads is a major role player in advertising now. Facebook ads, instagram ads come next to google ads. And now with the increasing use of smartphones, the online advertising is going up. The reason behind this is, some People may not afford to buy a computer or laptop, but the easy and affordable price in whi

Role of Mobile apps in online selling

The introduction of online business or selling products online is a mile stone in sales and marketing sector earlier. Now the introduction of mobile apps(mobile applications) has revolutionized the online sales and marketing sector. The mobile apps related to shopping and online E-market places like Amazon, shopify, Ebay and social networking apps like facebook, twitter, pinterest have set a new trend in online sales. The mobile apps for major E-marketing places like Amazon, Ebay, Shopify, Flipkart etc. can be downloaded for free and are very much popular. Most of the people prefer shopping online from these shopping apps rather than from websites because of the ease of use of the mobile apps. Some of the E-marketing places like understanding this trend are maintaining mobile apps alone instead of websites. The social networking sites like FaceBook, Twitter, pinterest etc. are also used to promote the business or to advertise about the business. The Facebook ha